Thank you for visiting this webpage. I am carrying out a piece of research for my MSc in Responsible Tourism Management, and would be very grateful for your input.

My intention is to survey a number of successful community-based tourism (CBT) initiatives, in order to identify the necessary conditions for their success – those factors which create an environment in which initiatives are able to deliver outcomes such as improved livelihoods, local economic development, social capital and empowerment, conservation and environmental benefits, and wider community or collective benefits. I will produce a set of practical recommendations for use by funders, donors and communities engaged in setting up and/or operating CBT enterprises.

I am therefore looking specifically for examples of successful CBT initiatives. For this research, CBT is defined as tourism enterprises owned and/or managed by communities, and which is intended to deliver wider community benefit.

I would be very grateful for any suggestions of successful CBT enterprises which fit this description, together with contact details if possible. Many thanks!

Rebecca Armstrong



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  1. Thanks so much for these very helpful links, Ron. I will collate some of the links I have found useful and post them up here soon. In the meantime, the MSc course in Responsible Tourism Management is run by the International Centre for Responsible Tourism at Leeds Metropolitan University. Here is the link to their site: they also run an MSc in Responsible Hospitality Management.

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